About Us

APRI supports Blue Swimming Crab sustainability initiative in Indonesia. It is benefiting all supply chain from industries to more than 90,000 fishermen and 185,000 womens who are working at the miniplants are directly employed in the blue swimming crab fishery, while thousand of others are direct stakeholders involved as fishing gears suppliers, middlemen, operators, ice producers, and all of miniplants suppliers where initial crab processing is carried out.APRI and all members are campaigning sustainability crab harvest to the supply chain for effective impact, increasing crab recruitment through stock enhancement, collaborating with Universities to support scientific research, supporting Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to develop national Fishery Management Plan and working closely with Fishers community to establish community based fishery management. All project activities are managed in a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), which determined as 6 FIP stages.

Fishery Improvement Project will create sustainable impact to the supply chain, blue swimming crab resources and also to the ecosystem where the blue swimming crab harvested.

APRI was established on July 6th, 2007 in Jakarta, with noble goals and responsibility to initiate the blue swimming crab management and it natural resource fairly and wisely, so the benefit will last for the future generation and sustainable economically and ecologically.

Blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus) as one of the most important Indonesia marine resources, have been realized being exploitated and processed for consumption in the increasing numbers so it is important to keep the blue swimming crab stock in the wild, to managed properly, ethically and sustainability. The development of international consumer demand for seafood products that adhere to the principles of ethical and good fishing practices are also encourage crab conservation.

APRI is the organization to formulate guidelines for environmentally-friendly fishing and constructing other initiatives to ensure sustainability of health and balance in the wild crab populations and management of crab industry in Indonesia itself in a balanced manner.

APRI Fishery Improvement Program :

  1. Stock Assesment
  2. Stock Enhancement
  3. Fishery Management
  4. Education


The organization of APRI as follows:

Chairman | Kuncoro Nugroho

Treasurer | Wita Setioko

Expert Officer | Bambang Arif Nugraha

Research and Executive Director | Dr. Ayu Ervinia