Initiative Meeting Action Plan for BSC Management in Lampung

In the framework of the action plan management, APRI and Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (KKP) held a meeting on February 14, 2017 in Bogor, West Java. This event was attended by Dr. Hawis Madduppa as APRI’s Executive Director and

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Initiation of Collaborative Establishment BSC Management Committee in Central Java

In the framework of sustainability management of Blue Swimming Crab in Central Java Province, Marine and Fisheries Agency of Central Java Province (DKP Jawa Tengah) held a meeting to discusses the development and Follow-up Management Action Plans for BSC Sustainability

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Phase II Workshop of Initiatives Sustainable BSC Management

In order to continue the discussion about CARE (Comprehensive Assessment of Risk to Ecosystem) and PSA (Productivity Susceptibility Analysis) before, the Directorate Management of Fish Resources, Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (KKP) collaborated with Yayasan Bina Usaha Lingkungan (YBUL) and

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