Alternative bait for catching blue swimming crabs

Alternative bait for catching blue swimming crabs

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Unpredictable natural conditions, especially in marine conditions in Indonesia, have resulted in very low crab catches in the last 2 years. This condition makes fishermen have to cover their operational costs at sea, in addition to fuel and fishing gear, bait to catch crabs also costs money. To reduce operational costs at sea, an idea emerged from the fishermen on how to keep the operational costs at sea as minimal as possible according to the catch, especially bait for catching crabs using traps, namely by using cowhide bait.

The fishermen in Pati use cowhide and the results after being tested using cowhide, it turns out that the catch has increased when compared to trash fish feed. The use of bait is carried out in the rainy season or sea conditions during the west monsoon. Utilization of this cowhide can be used many times as long as it does not escape when caught. The texture of cowhide skin is not easily damaged compared to trash fish and has an aroma that can attract crabs.

Cowhide can be used for more than 3 days. As long as it is still attached to the bait in the trap, this cowhide can still be used. The cowhide is cut into small squares of about 4-5 cm, then a hole is made in the middle of the cut. 1 kg of cowhide can be used for 50 pcs of Bubu (according to the cutting of the skin). This alternative bait can be tried if the use of trash fish bait is felt to decrease the catch.

Writer by: Kamal-Pati

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