APRI and BRSDM-KKP establish continued cooperation for blue swimming crab fisheries

APRI and BRSDM-KKP establish continued cooperation for blue swimming crab fisheries

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Friday, December 24, 2021, located at the Mina Bahari III Building – KKP, a meeting and discussion was held regarding the existing cooperation agreement and will be finalized by the end of this week.This meeting will discuss the continued cooperation that previously existed with P4KSI in 2013-2014.

The crab industry has been growing since the 90s and has been exported to America, so that in early 2006 the crab industry formed an association to form APRI with 17 members. Then in 2014 APRI adopted the indicators from the MSC ecolabel. Currently, APRI is directed to the science-based industry. Since the beginning, BRPL has assisted APRI in stocktaking data although it is still for a certain period of time, but currently data collection is carried out every day at 10 points (WPP 711, 712, 714, 571).
APRI has many programs, one of which is testing nets with a mesh size of 4.5 inches and data collection support is needed in this regard. Furthermore, regarding regulations made by the government, APRI assisted in socialization aimed at increasing fishermen’s compliance. In addition, there are research programs on marine mammals,

In 2021, the highest export for the last three years with a percentage of 89% exported to America. Currently the crab fishery is in the MSC certification process and is currently entering the ITM (In-Transition to MSC) phase with funding from OSF.
In accordance with BRPL’s directive last year, the collaboration process was submitted to BRSDM. Then this collaboration can be directed to 3 FIP indicators. The purpose of this meeting is that APRI wants to officially cooperate with the KKP through BRSDM. Next year APRI plans to hold a national seminar in February that will bring together crab researchers in Indonesia.

In this activity several important points have been conveyed to be perfected in an agreement and will be signed at the end of this week. This activity was attended by APRI, BRPL KKP, and PUSRISKAN

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