APRI Holds Training on Mitigation, Handling, System and Data Collection Form for ETP Species – May, 25th 2021

APRI Holds Training on Mitigation, Handling, System and Data Collection Form for ETP Species – May, 25th 2021

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APRI held ETP Species mitigation and handling (endangered, threatened and protected) training on Friday, May 25, 2021, online and offline in Gedongmulyo Village, Rembang and Pagagan Village, Pamekasan. This activity is one of APRI’s efforts in responding to important issues surrounding ETP species as bycatch which can have a significant impact and affect fishery yields and ecosystem functions. Therefore, it is necessary to develop strategies to manage and reduce the impact of bycatch towards sustainable crab fisheries.

ETP species that are often found in the sea are sharks, turtles, seabirds, hornbills and marine mammals such as dolphins, whales and dugongs. Fisheries activities, especially the fishing sector, often inadvertently catch ETP species as bycatch or bycatch. Specifically in the crab fishery, bycatch which is classified as ETP Species is only hornbill.

The initial activity was opened with an introduction regarding the role of APRI by Dr. Hawis Madduppa in an effort to collect data bycatch ETP from all APRI enumerators spread over 11 locations of crab catching areas. This activity also makes the crab fishery very concerned about environmental impacts in accordance with MSC principles. APRI also collaborates with CETASI in efforts to handle and mitigate marine mammals as a step forward in the safe and sustainable management of crab fisheries.

Dr. Iman Wahyudin, SP., M.Sc. The sub-coordinator of the Directorate of Marine Biodiversity and Conservation – KKP provides direction regarding the importance of conservation and management of this ETP species biota. The presentation is also related to the work program of the KKP which also maintains Indonesia’s marine diversity. In addition, Dr. Iman Wahyudin also gave his support for APRI’s efforts to collect data on ETP species from crab fisheries in Indonesia.

Dr. Putu Liza Kusuma Mustika or more familiarly known as Mrs. Icha from CETASI gave special directions to the fishermen of KUB KUB Samudera Jaya IV & V and KUB Capit Biru for efforts to handle marine mammals. Responding to the issue of ETP species, APRI and CETASI provided socialization related to protected, dangerous, and endangered animals to increase the awareness of fishermen to protect the sea.
The last submission of ETP Species that is sometimes encountered in the crab fishery, namely the crab by a Lecturer at Trunojoyo Madura University regarding the specific species, is one of the protected animals, so proper management is needed. Very interesting presentations from these four resource persons are an effort to address the issue of bycatch ETP species which are very important for ecosystem functions in Indonesian waters. KKP, APRI, Cetasi, and UTM have supported the efforts to manage crab fisheries to be safer and more sustainable.

The activity which was attended by the DKP of East Java and Central Java, as well as the DKP of Rembang and Pamekasan, UTM students are also expected to be able to socialize the importance of ETP species in ecosystem functions in the sea. This activity also received support from the OSF (ocean stewardship fund) program from MSC which was very detailed in providing certification related to the MSC full assessment. Of course, the existence of OSF is very beneficial for Indonesia, where crab is an export commodity that has a high selling value.


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