Blue Swimming Crab Seeds Restocking Collaboration Between PT Kemilau Bintang Timur and BPBAP Takalar, Maros, February 20, 2019

Blue Swimming Crab Seeds Restocking Collaboration Between PT Kemilau Bintang Timur and BPBAP Takalar, Maros, February 20, 2019

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Preservation of natural resources needs to be maintained by everyone in this planet, especially Indonesian citizens. The utilization of natural resources that continously done, gradually allowing a decrease in quantity and quality of the natural resources. This happen for every natural resources, such as blue swimming crab. In Indonesia, blue swimming crab has been utilized by coastal communities to meet the needs of their life. And now, blue swimming crab is being the one of fisheries and marine export commodities that quite big in the export value.

The importance of the sustainability of blue swimming crab realized by various stakeholders. This is evidenced by the program namely Blue Swimming Crab Restocking Hatchery Results from BPBAP Takalar which organized by PT Kemilau Bintang Timur as APRI Member and BPBAP Takalar. This program conducted on February 20, 2019. This program also invited the Head of DPRD Tk. II Maros, Head of BKIPMKHP Makassar, Head of Coastal and Marine Resources Management Agency of Makassar, Head of Brackish Water Aquaculture and Fisheries Extention Agent Agency of Maros, Head of Fisheries Agency of Maros, Head of Marusu Sub-District, Head of Nisombalia Village, and the Fisheries Extention Agent of Maros District.

This program started by several statements from invited guests and continued by simbolic handover of blue swimming crab seeds. The main agenda that is the restocking of blue swimming crab, carried out in the Kuri Caddi Waters, Nisombalia Village Masuru Sub-District, Maros District, South Sulawesi Province. This activity held in order to preserve the fisheries biological resources and refer to General Directorate of Aquaculture Fisheries Regulation No. 29/PER-DJPB/2017 about the Technical Instructions of Aquaculture Fish Stocking at the Public Waters.

The restocking of blue swimming crab seeds in Maros District, hopefully can increase the blue swimming crab stock in nature, and improve the blue swimming crab fisheries. This program also expected can be emulated by every stakeholders, to take a real action for our natural resources especially blue swimming crab.

Go Sustainability. Go Traceability.

Keep going forward Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab.

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