Bycatch Monitoring by APRI Enumerators

Bycatch Monitoring by APRI Enumerators

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One of the locations for data collection is in Pangkajene and Islands District or we know Pangkep. Regency with a sea area of ​​about 11,464.44 km². The crab in Pangkajene is a commodity that many fishermen are looking for. Muh. Wellis is an APRI enumerator who works as a field researcher who helps monitor and evaluate data collection activities. Becoming an enumerator is certainly not easy and there are many interesting challenges to deal with. Enumerators themselves are at the forefront of sustainable small crab fishery management with valid data. Approaching fishermen is something that must be done to get maximum results.

Data collection carried out by the enumerator regarding the catch of small crabs, fishermen, socio-economics and Bycatch or Bycatch (HTS) are other non-target biota that are also caught. Bycatch has long been an issue for fisheries problems around the world because it can disrupt the balance of ecosystems and decrease fish stocks that can threaten the sustainability of world fisheries. This Bycatch Data Collection, Monitoring and Evaluation is very important for the improvement of the small crab fishery in the area to ensure the right steps.

This enumerator activity is an existing and scheduled field activity or onboard observer even though the crab fishery is included in a small fishery scale. In addition to the Bycatch Enumerator data, APRI is also equipped with knowledge related to ETP (Endangered, Threatened and Protected Species) including marine mammals (Marine Mammals). The enumerators also campaigned regarding the Capture Return Movement before 5 Minutes “Gerakan Tangkap Kembalikan Sebelum 5 Menit” or #GTK5Menit and also the handling of Ghost Gear.

In addition to approach, enumerators also have good communication skills like Muh Wellis who looks very familiar with the fishermen. How interested in being part of the enumerator?


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