MMAF and APRI agree to implement Control Document

MMAF and APRI agree to implement Control Document

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APRI held a third quarterly meeting in Surabaya on 3-4 September 2015. The meeting was attended by all 14 APRI members, the government competent from ministry of marine affairs and fisheries, and NGO. Blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus) as one of the most important Indonesia marine resources, have been realized being exploitated and processed for consumption in the increasing numbers so it is important to keep the blue swimming crab stock in the wild, to managed properly, ethically and sustainability. The meeting was also discussed about IUU Fishing and traceability, in the framework Ministerial Decree No.1 and No.2 2015.

Slamet Subjakto from Directorat General Fisheries Aquaculture, representing Secretary General MMAF, is presenting on Permen 1 KKP as the basic regulation and implementation of control document to reach sustainability in crab business. He mentioned that this regulation must be followed by all stakeholder in BSC fisheries. The Goal of Permen KP no 1. th. 2015 are Stock enhancemnet , Habitat rehabilitation, and value added and additional income for local people. “Mariculture as a tool for restocking and as a follow up to handle declining stock” he said. All APRI members are interested to be trained by the Directorate General of Aquaculture to build a crabs hatchery, as Mr Subjakto offered.

The export quality of BSC products has become attention by the government and exporters. Nazori Djazuli and Tri Handayani from BKIPM MMAF present audit Audit HACCP as a control systems for make sure the food safety and economic fraud implemented in BSC, and HONEST application. Mr Djazuli said “Need further study on the “age” of pasteurization and How to address the ” shelf – life” pasteurization , is it more than one year , or even just 3 months”. He also added “Need to check the product quality , by following the process of pasteurization”. Mrs Handayani said “Honest application can be efective to support control system”

Saut P Hutagalung , Artati Widiarti, and Widya Rusyanto are presenting the implementation and concistency of GMP as the mandatory rule in the auditing SKP in the processor. Mr Hutagalung said “SKP is a certificate given to the Fish Processing Unit that has implemented Good Manufacturing Practices / GMP and meets the requirements of Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure / SSOP. Construction of the UPI to meet the requirements of the Basic Qualification Processing ( GMP & SSOP ) in order to produce quality and safety of fishery products to be consumed. Mrs Widiarti added “SKP is a basic feasibility program to avoid contamination of the product”

Tony Ruchimat present the procedure of catch certificate as the control document capturethe fisheries activity and some currrent issues. SHTI ( Letters Catch fish ) or the catch certificate as a form of traceability to address provisions of the European Union on IUU . Indonesia must get ready for the USA and other countries. He said that “SHTI to prevent , reduce and eradicate IUU fishing , and is in line with the Control Document”.

Kuncoro Catur Nugroho mentioned that “APRI and all members are campaigning sustainability crab harvest to the supply chain for effective impact, increasing crab recruitment through stock enhancement, collaborating with Universities to support scientific research”. Since 2011, APRI has supporting Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to develop national Fishery Management Plan and working closely with Fishers community to establish community based fishery management.

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