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Discussion for Sustainable Fisheries with East Java Province Bureau and Local Government

June, 6th 2023. All parties, starting from the Marine and Fisheries East Java Bureau, and local government Pasuruan and the KSOP, to provide convenience in obtaining permits, the Provincial and District Offices have also facilitated good fishermen through approaches to

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Meeting of Fisheries Management Institutions for Fisheries Management Areas of the Republic of Indonesia (MMFA) 714

18-20 August 2022. APRI through Mr. Ir. Bambang Arif Nugraha via online and Muh. APRI enumerator Wellis directly attended the meeting which was held through the Kendari Ocean Fishery Port as the executive coordinator of WPPNRI 714 along with all

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The working visit of the Director General of Capture Fisheries to Lampung Province

The Director General of Capture Fisheries Ir. R. Sjarief Widjaja, Ph.D and Member of the House of Representatives Commission IV of Republic Indonesia has made a working visit to Lampung province on 13-14 August 2017. The working visit greeted by Regent of East

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