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APRI (Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association) is an organization that focuses on the sustainability of fisheries and the crab industry in Indonesia. Through APRI Youth Innovation 2023 & 2024, APRI opens opportunities for students throughout Indonesia to play a role

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MOU extension with Politeknik KP Sidoarjo for sustainability blue swimming crab

Friday 14 July 2023. An MoU was signed by APRI and Politeknik Kelautan dan Perikanan Sidoarjo (Politeknik KP Sidoarjo) regarding a collaboration program to develop sustainable crab fisheries both from an industrial and environmental perspective. This signing was carried out

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APRI – Polytechnic Marine and Fisheries of Sidoarjo – BBPBAP Jepara Spreading Crab Seeds

Saturday, 4 February 2023. A total of 5,000 seeds were spread in a round pond at the Paciran location, Lamongan. This activity is a collaboration between APRI and the Sidoarjo KP Polytechnic in the innovation of developing blue swimming crab

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