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Ramadhan Blessing Month with APRI in Madura

Sunday, April 17, 2022, together with the Karang Taruna Tunas in Polagan Village, Madura held the “Ramadan Cottage and Donations to Orphans”. This activity aims to create a spirit of worship and sharing in the Holy Month of Ramadan 1443

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Implementation of Environmentally Friendly Fishing Technology and Fish Handling With Marine Fisheries Bureau of Pamekasan Distric on December 8th, 2020

The Blue Swimming Crab is a fishery commodity that has high economic value. This commodity has high demand both at home and abroad. The high selling value of small crab makes the effort to catch small crabs in nature has

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Fisherman of Madura get Published on NRC Dutch Newspaper and Selected to Singapore ECOFILM Festival 2020

APRI as the Indonesian Association of Blue Swimming Crab highly appreciates the fisherman in Pamekasan, Madura who are selected as an good fishermen for sustainable crab management based on the MSC ecolabel standard. The NRC Dutch Newspaper was published that

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