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Pasuruan Fisheries Government invite APRI to Present Sustainability Program to Fishermen in Nguling Watuprapat Village – Pasuruan

Pasuruan, 23 October 2023. Pasuruan Fisheries Service invited APRI in a series of service activities to socialize the formation of fishermen groups, attended by all fishermen and fisheries instructors. APRI also explained the benefits of forming fishermen groups with various

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Together with the Pasuruan Fisheries Government, APRI attended a fishermen’s meeting in Pasuruan

August 29, 2023, APRI also attended an activity initiated by the local government, namely the Pasuruan Fisheries Bureau Service on the agenda of the crab fishermen meeting in Semedusari village, Pasuruan, East Java. The head of the capture fisheries bureau,

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Local Governments Pasuruan with POLAIRUD, APRI and PDSKP promote sustainable program and fishing routes

APRI also supports local governments regarding the development of control over fisheries resources and fishing routes, ministerial regulation number 18 of 2021. Friday, June 23, 2023. All representatives of fishermen from various villages in Pasuruan also attended the coaching activity

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