The stocking of 33,800 seeds of BSC increased the research collaboration of crab ponds between APRI and BBPBAP Jepara, Jepara June 4, 2018

The stocking of 33,800 seeds of BSC increased the research collaboration of crab ponds between APRI and BBPBAP Jepara, Jepara June 4, 2018

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BSC is one of the important economic fisheries commodities in Indonesia. Besides being consumed domestically, crab meat is an important export commodity. High market demand coupled with favorable prices, has led to intensive exploitation of crab resources in Indonesia, mainly because of the fact that this crab production still relies on fishing from nature. To maintain the sustainability of the BSC, it needs to be managed and utilized wisely by business actors and related stakeholders. To keep the supply of crabs in order to remain sustainable, APRI has been working with programs related to the continuity of BSC in Indonesia.

As a real and strategic step from APRI, various programs and activities to improve BSC fisheries in Indonesia are being developed in several regions. One of the programs that is favored is the research program of crab pond cultivation. This is expected to be a solution to the increasing fulfillment of industrial raw materials. This activity is a collaboration between APRI and the Jepara Brackish Water Aquaculture Center (BBPBAP) which was discussed and agreed upon at the 3rd APRI Quarterly Meeting in Semarang on October 14, 2017 before. The purpose of developing crab cultivation technology in ponds is to produce crabs in order to meet the raw material needs of the processing industry. For the goal to be achieved is to make crab as a prospective commodity and expected to have an impact on improving the welfare of coastal communities or cultivators. As a follow up to the research activities of this crab pond cultivation, on June 4, 2018, there were 33,800 BSC seeds stocking in the crab research pond located in Jepara.

The crab seed stocking activity was carried out together with the Director General of Aquaculture MMAF namely Mr. Slamet Subiakto along with the Chief of Ujitek and BBPBAP Jepara. With the implementation of the crab seeding activities, it is expected to help the research process of crab pond cultivation. Crab cultivation technology itself has long been researched and developed by researchers and engineers in the field of Indonesian marine and fisheries cultivation. The research / engineering shows significant results ranging from hatchery technology to enlargement in ponds. But the results were stagnant because there was no further development to be carried out en masse. For this reason, a pattern of cultivation development is needed by involving all interested stakeholders so that it will accelerate the process of developing crab cultivation in the community such as shrimp and other fish commodities. By involving all stakeholders so that the parameters of success and the impact of these activities can be measured and bring economic value. The development of crab cultivation that is carried out by BBPBAP Jepara in collaboration with the Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association (APRI) is expected to increase crab production and be a pioneer in the development sustainable of crab cultivation in ponds in Indonesia.

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