ASEAN FIP Protocol was tested in Indonesia, which take place in Madura (Java) and Kendari (Southeast Sulawesi) between 18-20 December 2014.  The FIP Protocol seeks to define a space between western standards of sustainability, and fishery performance in Asia, Read More

Fishery Stakeholders Meeting in Kendari

Fishery stakeholders in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi met on November 20th to review recommendations for target/limit reference points, harvest control rules and the MSC Pre Assessment that was sponsored by IMACS earlier in September.  The meeting was in-part organized by APRI Read More

NFI Crab Council Announces ASEAN FIP PROTOCOL

The NFI crab council has announced the first meeting designed to develop a fisheries improvement plan (FIP) protocol and potential standard for wild-caught fisheries within the geo-political ASEAN region. A partnership of Southeast Asian countries for economic growth, ASEAN has

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