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Logbook and UVI Training

Building upon the successful creation of the multi-stakeholder DMC and successful implementation of data collection in mini-plants, IMACS engaged APRI to expand the availability of fishery data via self reporting by stakeholders, as a first step towards establishing auditable control

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14 APRI Members participate in the BSC Seminar

Fourteen APRI members were participate actively in the Seminar and Workshop on Blue Swimming Crab held at the IPB Convention Center. APRI is the organization to formulate guidelines for environmentally-friendly fishing and constructing other initiatives to ensure sustainability of health

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P4KSI and APRI study on biology and harvest strategy of blue swimming crab

Pusat Penelitian Pengelolaan Perikanan dan Konservasi Sumberdaya Ikan (P4KSI) Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries has completed their study on biology and harvest strategy of blue swimming crab fisheries in Java Sea. The research collaboration between APRI and P4KSI was

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Fishery Management in Kendari

SULTRA, Southeast Sulawesi, APRI completed the final milestones of a small-grant program funded by USAID/IMACS (Indonesian Marine and Climate Support). IMACS highlighted their I-FISH approach to fishery management, which was two-fold. First launching online platforms for storing and processing stock

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Fishery Stakeholders Meeting in Kendari

Fishery stakeholders in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi met on November 20th to review recommendations for target/limit reference points, harvest control rules and the MSC Pre Assessment that was sponsored by IMACS earlier in September.  The meeting was in-part organized by APRI Read More