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Pasuruan Fisheries Government invite APRI to Present Sustainability Program to Fishermen in Nguling Watuprapat Village – Pasuruan

Pasuruan, 23 October 2023. Pasuruan Fisheries Service invited APRI in a series of service activities to socialize the formation of fishermen groups, attended by all fishermen and fisheries instructors. APRI also explained the benefits of forming fishermen groups with various

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“CAPIT BIRU” an Efforts to Help Fisherman in Pandemic

Asosisasi Pengelolaan Rajungan Indonesia as APRI supported by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) trying to help fishermen through the Community Fisheries Stewardship project, since July 2020. Dr Hawis Madduppa, who is also the Executive Director of APRI, explained that the Community

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