APRI Holds First Quarterly Meeting and Enjoys Iftar Together

APRI Holds First Quarterly Meeting and Enjoys Iftar Together

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April 17, 2022, APRI carried out the “APRI 1st Quarterly Meeting and Enjoys Iftar Together” activity, a routine activity carried out by APRI every quarter of the year and was successfully carried out online and offline. The offline activities were held at the Haris Hotel and the Gubeng Convention Surabaya as well as coincided with the holy month of Ramdhan so APRI also held iftar together with all the participants of this quarterly meeting.

This Quarterly Meeting activity discusses matters that APRI needs to pay attention to, the development of the crab industry, the progress of FIP, and other technical activities. Initial remarks by the Chairman of APRI Mr. Ir. Kuncoro Catur Nugroho M.M said that “Hopefully this Q1 activity can lead to the sustainable direction and can strengthen friendship”, besides the material presented by Mr. Kuncoro is very informative and insightful regarding things that need to be considered by APRI.

Mr. Abdul Ghofar a representative of the NFI Crab Council also said that “the importance of SPR data in collecting data on crab fisheries for export purposes is in accordance with what APRI is doing and planned by the NFI Crab Council so that in the future it will be more synergistic and better”.

Dr. Hawis Madduppa also said that APRI has reported all activities in 2021 which have been presented to the NFI Crab Council, in the future APRI will also strengthen stock assessment data collection through SPR and also monitoring in CO-Management and Fishing Gear Swap activities for gill nets with a mesh size of 4,5 Inch

Next Dr. Ayu Ervinia added that related to the development of FIP and APRI activities during the first quarter, Mr. Wita Setioko as the APRI board also conveyed related to the development of the crab fishery after his participation in activities in Boston, United States of America, one of which was the SIMP (Seafood Import Monitoring Program). ). This SIMP rule applies only to seafood from outside America. Until now, there are 13 species that have been included in the priority species, where the crab has not been included, but there is a possibility that in the future this crab can enter the priority species. If SIMP is indeed done for crabs, we can refer back to the control document.

The activity continued with the symbolic handing over of the 2022 membership certificate to all participants who attended and breaking the fast together for offline participants at the Haris Hotel and Convention Gubeng Surabaya.

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