APRI’s Participation in Harvest Control Activities Rule (HCR) of Crab in WPP 712

APRI’s Participation in Harvest Control Activities Rule (HCR) of Crab in WPP 712

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As a form of implementation of the Harvest Strategy Rajungan activities, a national coordination meeting for the preparation of the Harvest Control Rule (HCR) has been held. Hawis Madduppa as the executive director of APRI has explained the draft proposal on HCR. The activity lasted for two days online and offline in 20-22 October 2021.

Blue Swimming Crab fisheries in Indonesian have a major contribution to the national economic sector. Crayfish occupies the 3rd position of fishery export products after tuna and shrimp, with an export value of 4.6 trillion rupiah per year. Given the large potential of crab resources, it is important to manage fisheries to maintain the sustainability of crab resources in Indonesia.
The crab fishery harvest strategy has been mutually agreed as a form of an effective fisheries management approach to be applied by all stakeholders. The preparation of this utilization strategy begins with determining goals, reference points, and monitoring the status of crab stocks on a regular basis. In addition to the Harvest Strategy, Harvest Control Rules are also needed as a guide in carrying out crab catching activities based on the stock status indicators that have been targeted.

The Crab Harvest Control Rules document is a reference and guideline by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, the Regional Government, and all stakeholders as the basis for the management and utilization of the crab fishery. This is done to maintain the sustainability of fishery resources so that the fishery business is sustainable and provides socio-economic benefits for the community. It is hoped that this small crab HCR document will be useful and implemented in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.

The basis of the HCR is the reference points agreed in the HS, namely the target reference point and the limit reference point. The target reference point for crab fishery with an indicator of a spawning potential ratio (SPR) of 30%, while the limit reference point for crab fisheries with an indicator of a spawning potential ratio (SPR) of 20%. The preparation of the HCR involves the participation of all stakeholders to agree on the best strategy in controlling the use of resources from biological, social, and economic aspects.
Blue swimming crab resources must be able to promote justice as well make a very large contribution to the absorption potential manpower on board, including manpower in processing units fish and other supporting activities on land.

APRI’s participation in the national coordination meeting related to HCR is a form of the implementation of the Crab Harvest Strategy so that the crab fishery can be managed in a measurable and sustainable manner. The activity was attended by various stakeholders as well as scientific experts and the central and local governments involved in WPP 712.

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