First Quarter Meeting (Q1) in March 2021: For Sustainable and traceable Blue Swimming Crab Fishery

First Quarter Meeting (Q1) in March 2021: For Sustainable and traceable Blue Swimming Crab Fishery

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Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association (APRI) held its First Quarterly Meeting (Q1) at the end of March to be precise, Wednesday, March 31, 2021 through the Zoom Meeting. The activity was attended by 55 people consisting of the advisory board, APRI administrators and members, enumerators and CO of APRI and external parties. The agenda for this event, namely; Socialization of APRI management for the period 2021-2022, APRI’s Sustainable Funding, Presentation of the FIP Action Plan and Internal meetings.

Starting with remarks from the Chairperson of the APRI for the 2021-2022 Period, Mr. Ir. Kuncoro C. Nugroho . Greeting chairman apri is delivering related objectives APRI fore which increasingly face the challenge and step to achieve two objectives main . Continued activities of socialization structure management organization APRI where stewardship of the year is already highly evolved become more structural. The following is the composition of the APRI Board for the Period 2021-2022 :

– Post National Conference at the end of last year a new APRI organizational structure has been drawn up consisting of an advisory board ( M. Novi Saputro KML, Yoga Sadana and Ary Saiful Bachri SMB) who are in charge of providing advice and input to the board .

  • Treasurer ( Wita Setioko ) in charge of managing the treasury
  • Executive Director ( Dr. Hawis Madduppa ) the duty to take care program FIP
  • General Manager (Bambang A. Nugraha ) in charge of assisting the Executive Director
  • Project Support I (Bunga M. Tarigan ) in charge of handling projects in WPP 711
  • Project Support II ( Wa a nto ) in charge of handling projects in WPP 712
  • Project Support III ( Hendro Wibowo ) in charge of handling projects in WPP 714

The activities continued with the handover certificate of membership APRI is symbolic of the Chairman to PT PSI ( PHILLIPS SEAFOODS INDONESIA ) were represented by Mr Nana as a form of appreciation APRI against members who continue to support the fishery crab sustained in Indonesia. PT PSI itself is a pioneer of small crab fisheries in Indonesia . ” PT PSI and of course members of APRI others expect blue swimming crab business still exist because the fishery crab is a commodity that is becoming a source of currency income throughout the perpetrators of such fishermen and other ” said Mr. Nanang.

NFI Crab Council also provide support to the management of APRI period 2021 – 2022. NFI hope APRI will continue to go forward , because at the moment is the challenge of increasingly large as the condition of the pandemic and the wish to establish a partnership that sound with the partners . In addition, this activity was also continued by Roderic Hodges in the discussion of APRI’s Sustainable Funding Exposure in this case, presenting APRI’s sustainable and financially independent business plan which consists of risk identification, solutions to overcome the risk that , things are required for these solutions and benefits for APRI if it has a sustainable business plan

At the end of the session before the break, the activity was continued with the presentation of the FIP Action Plan by Dr. Madduppa Hawis. Mr. Hawis Madduppa explained the sustainable small crab management program that has been implemented in 2021. The focus of the APRI program since 2014

  1. Traceability system
  2. Stock maintenance program
  3. CO Management Program
  4. Campaign for the use of environmentally friendly fishing gear
  5. Compliance with the laws and policies that apply
  6. Empowerment of fishermen groups

The other topic of discussion of Mr. Hawis Madduppa include associated Fishery Progress APRI get an A rating for visited more complete ( ) and pay attention to the Minimizing Environmental Impact Indicator which scores 60-79, one of the things that is considered in this indicator is sparing even though the assessment results show that sparing is at moderate risk, so there needs to be government support to stop catching shaving. The assessment results show that the saffron is at moderate risk, besides that, the collection of NTS data is carried out by the enumerator and of course, from the data there are no marine mammals found. So we need to convince the government that the small crab fishery does not endanger marine mammals. Furthermore, the APRI Youth program presentation has been funded by 5 proposals to carry out research related to MSC indicators. The Stock Assessment was also conveyed considering the importance of information related to the stock assessment and the presentation of the results of the control document audit system which was completed in January to March. (Darmawan-7/4/21)

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