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APRI Enumerator & CO Management Training 2023

14 April 2023 and 18 April 2023 APRI is holding enumerator training and Co-Management Training in 2023 with a different nuance. Last Ramadan was one of the refreshment moments in the training that APRI enumerators and co-management received. While waiting

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APRI Supports Fishing Gear Workshop for Blue Swimming Crab in Jepara

APRI attended invitation from Jepara Fisheries Department on event Training of Trap Making for Blue Swimming Crab 2017. This event was held on 2-4 May 2017 in Jepara, Central Java. This event was opened by head of  Jepara Fisheries Department,

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BSC Aquaculture Training

The goal of Ministerial Decree no 1/2015 including stock recovery for crab, lobster and blue swimming crab, habitat rehabilitation, and increase local income. Strategical and prevention steps taken by the government are Socialization Improvement of crabs and crab seed production

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