APRI Launches Blue Swimming Crab Data Center Digital Platform

APRI Launches Blue Swimming Crab Data Center Digital Platform

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Good management of crab fisheries requires a good management foundation that is sourced from complete and accountable data. APRI since 2015 has started data collection on crab fisheries in various regions in Indonesia in the context of sustainable management by placing enumerators as data collection officers in the field. In addition, APRI also applies what is called a Control Document on crab fisheries as a traceability tool. APRI continues to develop data collection on crab fisheries which currently has developed a platform that can provide information related to data on crab fisheries called the “APRI Datacenter”.

The APRI Datacenter was launched on 17 July 2021 in conjunction with the APRI quarterly meeting (Q2) which was witnessed by the Director of Fish Resource Management of the Directorate of Capture Fisheries of the MPA, the Chair of the Komnaskajiskan, Sustainable Envoy National Fisheries Institute Crab Council, APRI Council and Members, along with staff, enumerators and the community. APRI officers. APRI datacenter is a web-based platform that can be operated on a desktop device that contains various information on crab fishery data. The platform, which can be visited at the address www.apri-go-online.com, can be accessed by everyone by first registering on the platform.

Users can view data, namely export volume data, fishing volume, number of mini plants, number of fishermen, number of boats, and number of fishing gear. In general, APRI Datacenter will display information in the form of maps, both provincial maps and a map of the Fisheries Management Area (WPP) of the Republic of Indonesia. The map will display data values depicted by a color scale where the higher the value, the more intense the resulting color will be. Users can also see the distribution of data in each district/city, and can compare data trends between two years of data whether there is a decrease or an increase.

Through this APRI Datacenter, APRI hopes to provide information related to crab fisheries in Indonesia to all parties. APRI also hopes that this APRI Datacenter can be useful for everyone, especially for stakeholders in the crab fishery as a basis for carrying out management actions. APRI continues to make improvements so that APRI Datacenter can provide better benefits from time to time. Hopefully, with the launch of the APRI Datacenter, the management of Indonesian crab fisheries can be better and can continue to contribute to the welfare of the Indonesian people.

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