National Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals Towards Sustainable Marine Development, Bali, December 2-3, 2018

National Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals Towards Sustainable Marine Development, Bali, December 2-3, 2018

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From December 2-3, 2018 at Anvaya Hotel, Kuta, an event was held “The National Workshop on Sustainable Marine Development”. The event was attended by the head of the National Development Planning Agency including the National Development Planning Minister Prof. Bambang PS, Brodjonegoro and other echelon I ranks. Also attending and participating fully at this event were the Head of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), representatives of relevant ministries and institutions (KKP, Dishidros AL, etc.), the head of the provincial marine and fisheries service, scientists and academics in the field of marine and fisheries throughout Indonesia . The event was also attended by NGOs engaged in marine conservation and sustainable fisheries and observers of marine issues.

The purpose of this Workshop is to provide input to BAPPENAS which is currently developing a medium-term development plan (RPJM) 2020-2024. The upcoming RPJM will be inspired by several encouraging global initiatives in which Indonesia is also actively involved. The global initiative that inspires the upcoming RPJM is sustainable development Goals (SDGs) and Low Carbon, the Development Indonesia Initiative (LCDI Initiative). Specifically for the fisheries sector and marine conservation the number 14 development goals of the SDG are the main inspiration. In this workshop, the main indicators at the global level are translated at the national level and then translated into Dr. annual activity plans. Ir. Arifin Rudiyanto, M.Sc., Deputy of Maritime and Natural Resources BAPPENAS said “our development in the future will be encouraged so that its achievements are in line with SDG indicators. Some global indicators will be adapted to better suit the context of Indonesia but in principle we are heading towards achieving the SDGs “.

Marine and fisheries development inspired by SDG 14 must be directed to encourage the achievement of sustainable¬†fisheries. To achieve the world of research and academics must be directed to support the achievement of these goals. Constraints to achieving this are limited by funding and lack of coordination. To encourage this, the LIPI chairman conveyed, “Research funds must be used efficiently, we must share resources, build synergies. Coordination between research institutions must be improved “.

Noting that most Indonesian fishermen are small fishermen, the greatest attention must be given to them. Attention to small fishermen will allow for one stroke of various sustainable development goals to be achieved. Encourage the development of sustainable fisheries while achieving goal number 1 (poverty reduction) and goal number 2 (eliminating hunger). For this purpose, Askabul Kijo, the head of the Southeast Sulawesi fisheries and marine service stated that “in our Province a local regulation has been made that protects fishermen, mainly small fishermen and in local regulations related to zoning plans for coastal areas and small islands we have allocated 0-2 nautical miles as area devoted to small fishermen ”

To encourage the achievement of this big goal a lot of funds are needed. Until now, for the purposes of conserving public funds both at the central, regional and even with NGO support, there is still only 20% of what is needed. For this, the PPN minister said “In the future there must be a financing model, it is necessary to try for a financing mechanism involving private parties, philanthropy, investors and various financing schemes such as sukuk, bonds/obligation can be used to encourage marine and fisheries development. Only in this way can cost limitations be overcome.

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