Year-End Quarterly Meeting and Munas APRI 2018, Surabaya, December 22-23, 2018

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As time goes by, the condition of Indonesian fisheries experiencing changes and development, include blue swimming crab fisheries. As a dynamic organization that focused on blue swimming crab fisheries, APRI always develop and improve to be better to maintain and guard the blue swimming crab fisheries so that able to utilized and managed well. As an action to realize it, coordination and tansfer of information needs to continue to do to and from every members of APRI, APRI Board, and APRI Partners. As a follow-up, APRI organized the Year-End Quarterly Meeting on December 22-23, 2018 at Santika Premiere Hotel, Surabaya. This activity invited every members of APRI, Dr. Abdul Ghofar as representative of NFI Crab Council Indonesia, and Mr. Adi Nugraha as APRI Apps programmer. This quarterly meeting opened by opening statements from Mr. Kuncoro Catur Nugroho as APRI Chairman who was talking about the several issue in blue swimming crab fisheries, including the regulation from the government. And then continued by Dr. Abdul Ghofar that giving several issues from NFI Crab Council.

There was also presentation from Mr. Bambang A. Nugraha about the report of the development of industrial issue and Dr. Hawis Madduppa about the report of the development of blue swmming crab fisheries improvement program. In the presentation from Dr. Hawis Madduppa, there was the information about Control Document Audit that will be done on January-February. In this opportunity, also arranged the tentative schedule for Control Document Audit, where every members will be audited in the specified date. Year-End Quarterly Meeting 2018 also attended by Mr. Adi Nugraha to give a training about the APRI Apps to all of APRI Member representatives. The training include the simulation of data fulfillments and discuss about the development of the application. Every members of APRI were active to discuss every problems that exists in blue swimming crab fishery. The atmosphere of the meeting was very good because of good transfer information between members, board, and invited guests.

In this opportunity, APRI also organize the Munas APRI 2018 that indicates the end of previous board and the formation of APRI Board for 2019-2020 period. This activity started with the submission of 2016-2018 accountability report by Mr. Kuncoro Catur Nugroho as APRI Chairman. The accountability report includes every aspects in APRI from the beginning until the end of 2016-2018 period. The accountability report responded well by every participants. After that, the formation of the APRI Board for 2019-2020 Period need to be done. And in this Munas, agreed that the 2016-2018 APRI Board asked to continue the management so that the APRI Board for 2019-2020 Period is same with 2016-2018 Period, that is:

  1. Mr. Kuncoro C. Nugroho | Chairman
  2. Mr. Bambang A. Nugraha | General Secretary
  3. Mr. Wita Setioko | Treasurer
  4. Dr. Hawis Madduppa | Executive Director

Congratulation for APRI Board 2019-2020. With the starting of APRI 2019-2020 Period, hopefully that APRI can always be better to maintain and develop the blue swimming crab fisheries.

Go Sustainability. Go Traceability.

Keep on going Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab.

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